Sunday, 30 March 2014

Top Countries Per Capita & GDP

The countries which plays important roles in the Solar Power are US,China,Germany,France,Spain,Russia and also India are in such a good state in developing solar power for the future.
 Here I am mentioning you the Top Countries and their per Capita and also their GDP.
solar power per capita by countries

 Ranking of Countries as per Capita

Solar power by per capita by ranking

 Rankingof Solar Power countries by per GDP
Total Solar Power by Countries by per GDP

Total Solar Power by per GDP
Ranking of solar power  by countries per GDP

Thursday, 13 March 2014

About DCDB & ACDB (DC Distribution Board & AC Distribution Board)

Distribution Board

The Distribution Board is a electricity supply system which divides the electrical power feed to the subsidiary Circuits.Which also has fuses,circuit Breakers associated with it and serves to each circuits.Recent Distribution boards contains Residual Current Devices(RCD) or Residual Current Breakers with OverCurrent Protection (RCBO).

DC Distribution Board.

DCDB consist of Box of suitable powder coated metal casting. In this box, a separate  arrangement which shall consist of MCCBs of suitable specifications & which can withstand respective flow of current, with the purpose of providing the option for isolating the battery bank & SPV arrays has been provided. There will be copper bus bars of suitable rating. Proper rating fuse & MCCB/Isolator for DC application will be suitably installed in DCDB as battery bank isolator. 

 AC Distribution Board.

ACDB consist of box of suitable powder coated metal casting. One feeder will be provided in ACDB with MCB of suitable capacity installed at feeder in the ACDB. Proper rating of MCB shall be installed to protect feeders from short circuit current (Isc) as per the requirements of the site. A separate change over switch of proper rating will also be suitably installed in the ACDB to isolate the existing connected load from solar system and cater the power to the existing load from the conventional power (grid) in case of emergency. ACDB should be connected between PCU and load.