Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Know about Thermosyphon in Solar Water Heating System

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Thermosiphon Is a term usually referred in physics for passive heat exchange by natural convection of a liquid without using a external pump.The principle is simple,Cold water has higher specific density than a warm water,so the heavier always sinks and collector was placed in the downside of a storage tank in order to heat up,When cold water passes to the solar collector,Due to solar radiation the water gets warmer ,As we know warm water specific density was lower, the Warm water moves from collector to the storage tank.Lighter one always float,By applying these principle the warm water floats over cold water,We will get warm water from the top surface of water level.

The storage tank need to be placed well above the collector ,otherwise all the water will backflow during the night and becomes cold,The Thermosiphon works perfectly for the small and medium systems but for large systems the construction and operation will be difficult.These thermosiphon systems are suitable only for the frost free regions.

Usually the storage tank is covered by an insulating material to avoid any convection due to sunlight and made of stainless steel tank for corrosion free operation.The materials include Solar collector,piping,insulation,storage tank,strong roof,supports are vital need for construction of solar thermal power system.

Physics Related to the operation of Thermosiphon.

First law of thermodynamics- States that energy may be changed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed. - Energy is always conserved.

This law may be applied to the movement of water in thermosiphoning system: Energy from the sun is directed and transferred (via conduction and convection) to either water, air, or another medium of choice. This natural process of heating eliminates the need for external energy sources such as fossil fuels or electricity.

Second law of thermodynamics- States that in all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves the system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state. - The net return of a system is always less than that of which was initially put in.

Energy is always conserved, however energy (or heat in this case) may often be lost in a given system (thermosiphoning) as heat. Adding insulation with appropriate R values to the system and its plumbing may greatly reduce heat loss, and thus increase efficiency.

Planck’s Law- the wavelength of radiation emitted from a surface is proportional to the temperature of the surface

Energy transferred as a result of temperature differences between two objects -Dark objects absorb heat, while light objects reflect

Darkly colored collection plates within the solar collector will aid in increasing solar absorption, thus increasing the amount of heat available to heat water or air in thermosiphoning. In contrast, reflective or lightly colored piping and storage tanks should be utilized as the light colors will help to reduce heat radiation out of the system.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Guide for Solar Power System

Exactly how it functions

PV Solar panels (Photovoltaic Panels) generate more electricity when exposed to direct sunshine. For this reason installations in the INDIA must be facing Southern to some degree.

To maximize publicity to  light it is necessary to guarantee that trees and shrubs do not shade the panels from the sunshine. 

The quantity of PV solar panels installed depends in the type of panel as well as in the amount of
electricity to feel developed. Each Kilowatt of electricity demands on average about 3 panels. Panels can be installed in roofs, walls or perhaps other structures or structures.

How PV Panels Power your home

When mild songs a photovoltaic electricity is generated inside the form of a direct current (DC). Some sort of Inverter converts this current to alternating current which is then use
to power the designing. 

Once the amount of electricity generated is lower than exactly what is had to power the building it is
supplemented from energy from the Nationwide Grid. When a lot more energy is generated than
expected to power the building, the excess is fed back in the nationwide grid. 

The Sunlight does not should shine to allow photovoltaic panels to generate energy. The panels will
produce electricity during the course of daylight hours, but will stop to create a source of electricity at
night. Energy is going to be supplied from the State grid throughout the hours of darkness at night. 

The benefits of installing solar energy panels 

• Solar energy is certainly not only lasting, it is alternative as well as this signifies which we shall never drain of it. 

• We are able to generate our personal supply of electricity by way of solar panels, for this reason we
will not need to feel dependent in the general public utility companies as well as their price tag

• When installed solar energy requires little maintenance.

• Choosing solar energy creates jobs. It is a growing business and also individuals are continuously
searching for qualified solar training programs in order that they tend to be qualified for hire. 

• If or when the solar system creates more solar power than used a large number of electric companies will provide credits or perhaps write a confirm by the end of the 12 months to the homeowner for the additional power generated. 

• Solar a source of electricity energy plants and private solar panels produce zero emissions as well as
render virtually no negative mark in the environment.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Solar Chargers for Gadgets

Solar Charger for gadgets solar mobile charger
Solar Mobile Chargers are the boon for nex
t generation charging kits,Lets forgot about charging through grid supply,This Solar Mobile Phone Chargers are not that much bulky so it will be a good and usable kit for those peoples who often travel long, or frequent travellers,always they had a power source to speak to their dear ones or for business.

Lets go into deeper section of solar mobile phone chargers.As you know solar energy which drives the earth,in the same way powering your gadgets is a important thing,These solar chargers consists of Solar Panels of few watts which having internal voltage regulation circuits will deliver constant voltage to the gadgets,when i'm saying gadgets ,its not only mean mobiles,but also MP3 Players,and FM Radios can be powered through this solar charger.

There are certain things to remember before purchasing Solar Charger,
The solar charger need to be purchased by looking the power it delivers and be sure that it will charge your gadget,Some solar chargers had internal batteries to store the power getting from solar panel,those solar chargers are even can produce power to charge your gadgets in nights where there is no sun at all.
This is the important section to talk about,As Compatibility plays a major role in charging your gadget,There are certain solar chargers that doesn't charges IPHONE's,SMART PHONES,PDA's,TABLETS.Once it was brought then it would be a waste of your money you spent for charging your gadgets,Those solar chargers can charge only SMC-3,SMC-4,SMC-5.
It won't be a factor that will ruin your money but it also matters when you purchase a branded solar chargers,some solar chargers are made of poor quality plastics which covers the solar panel and hold the batteries inside them,when it gets slipped from your hand that's enough for their breakage.Buy products from branded companies.
As you know,any product which are higher in price have a promising Quality,But peoples mind would be "which is cheaper?".Thats why lot of C Grade Solar Panels are accumulated in global market from china.We cant blame them because if consumers opt for these panels then sure it will be developed,But the thing is it was sold at the rate equal to "Grade A" Panels,It is Cheating.....
A best Solar Charge can able to charge your cellphone or gadgets even in Diffuse Radiation,means Indirect Sunlight,As the solar panel can collect sunlight in two ways Direct and Indirect,Direct Sunrays in which if you place your solar charger directly towards the sky to charge through direct sunlight,Indirect sunlight in which placing your solar charger inside your home where you are getting reflected rays from the marbles or glasses.And also even you can charge your solar charger internal battery through grid supply.So that you can charge your mobile in cloudy days too.